My name is Amy Umbel. I live in the central Appalachian Mountains where generations of my family have lived and worked the land. Even though I spent many years traveling and making a life in other parts of the United States, I've always felt an intrinsic connection to my home place and a few years ago decided it was time for a homecoming. It was time to follow my heart.

I've always been fascinated by "makin' stuff".  I've been carving since I was a very small girl, and I've always wondered if maybe I could make a living working with wood. I feel incredibly fortunate that my family owns property that can support sustainable logging, that my Father owns his own sawmill, and that he has been a passionate steward of our property. Without this framework I would not be able to do what I do.

I have a lot of influences. I'm certainly informed by my formal Art education, but also by the practicality of Craft. I feel very strongly that it takes a lot of time and real understanding of the material to not only produce something beautiful, but also hardy. Something that will stand up to years of use. My Green woodworking (bowls, and spoons, and the occasional stool) is very influenced by Swedish and American design. I'm sure there will be plenty more to add as time goes on.

Please take a moment to look around, and thanks for supporting me!